Have you ever hit email designer’s block, and needed to check out some fresh takes for inspiration? Ever wanted to know how your consumer emails stack up against the competition? Do you want to maximize the effectiveness of your time-sensitive email campaigns? Are you so into email creatives that the hundreds you get in your own inbox aren’t enough?

If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, you need to check out FreshAddress’ new Email Creative Archive!


Keeping your email creative fresh is hard work. But if you’re not sending something that grabs your customer’s attention, your message isn’t being heard (and might be going straight into the trash). Give your customers a reason to stop, read, and get excited by your emails!

Email Creative Archive grants you access to over 1 million email messages. That’s more than enough to spark your imagination for your next email campaign! Not only will you be able to see the email from a desktop or mobile view, you can also view the source code for each email in our database.  So start searching and explore your creative side!

Email Creative Archive Mobile and Source view


You’re not the only one sending emails. Check out email campaigns from your competition using our advanced search functionality. Now you can be at the forefront of competitive awareness and use our knowledge to your advantage when creating new email campaigns (or re-vamping old ones!).

Email Creative Archive Search Box

We’re always updating and expanding our database of email creatives.  Right now, there are campaigns from over 9,000 brands available. If you don’t find the company you’re looking for, you can request it and our team will add it ASAP!


Smart marketers are always refining their email campaigns and learning from past efforts. Why not leverage every tool at your disposal to help generate more business through savvier email marketing?

  • Want to send a holiday email that pushes subscribers to act on a time sensitive offer? Search ECA’s massive selection of holiday emails for fresh ideas.
  • Want to know when your competitors start sending holiday-themed emails? Search ECA for their past campaigns and get a leg up on them this year.
  • Curious about their discount strategy? You can find that information, too.

You can also use Email Creative Archive as a tool to share with your marketing, development, product, and sales teams. Don’t worry, we make sharing easy! Look for the green “share this email” button in the top right-hand corner of every creative in our database.

Email Creative Archive Share Button

And don’t forget the best part about Email Creative Archive, It’s free! Our team at FreshAddress is eager to show you why we are the email address experts, so check out Email Creative Archive and discover for yourself.

Email Creative Archive Call-To-Action

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