Spotlight on Jeremy Laverdiere

In this issue we profile Jeremy Laverdiere, Account Manager here at FreshAddress.

Jeremy has worked at FreshAddress since May of 2011. Read on to hear him share some great insight into success in sales and life…

FreshPerspectives: So I hear that two exciting things took place for you career-wise over the last month. Can you tell me about them?

Jeremy Laverdiere: Well, I was named Salesperson of the Month, and moved to an Account Manager role.

FP: Does that mean a change in functional responsibilities are in store for you?

JLL: Yes. My job is to help our already client-centric organization put our clients’ needs even more front-and-center than they were before. It is a hybrid role, largely sales but also with a foot in marketing. I service those who have had or who have an existing relationship with FreshAddress. Additionally, I hold webinars, write case studies, and assist with the creation of marketing literature targeted to existing clients.

FP: What did you do before FreshAddress?

JLL: I worked for a defense contractor in NH. That was also a hybrid role between sales and engineering.

FP: What did you learn there that has come in handy at FreshAddress?

JLL: It taught me to be thorough, complete, and effectively deal with daily challenges.

FP: I also heard that you have another skill that comes in handy at FreshAddress.

JLL: True. I am an avid golfer, and I’ve been to 2 tournaments representing FreshAddress.

FP: So, how did you do?

JLL: I played much better at the 2nd tournament. But in the Summer months I play 3-4 times a week recreationally.

FP: What projects are you currently working on in Account Management?

JLL: I am working on my webinar which we are scheduled to host on December 12th which is going to be an Email Marketing Planning Guide for 2013. In addition, I am also authoring a couple pieces of collateral about the importance of data re-runs.

FP: What’s the thing you like best about our services:

JLL: I really like the fact we have very strong representation in the industry as the email marketing experts.

FP: I heard you’re very in touch with Web 2.0 technologies.

JLL: Yes. I’m a Twitter and LinkedIn fiend. I’m always posting and reading articles about email marketing and ecommerce marketing.

FP: What are your favorite blogs?

JLL: Chief Marketer’s Email Essentials for Work and for fun.

FP: What if clients want to tweet you?

JLL: My handle is @jerlaverdiere and @freshaddress follows me.

FP: What is one thing about you that will probably surprise the readers of this newsletter?

JLL: My ultimate bucket list goal is to climb Mt. Everest one day. I am actually reading a big thick book on Everest right now, and in my spare bedroom is a huge topographical map of the Himalayas.

FP: Well, Jeremy, this has been a pleasure, and we wish you the best in your new position. And we do hope that Mt. Everest works out for you too!

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