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Are you a nonprofit marketer that relies on email to open doors and drive donations? If so, your success hinges on your ability to ensure that every email address in your database is clean, deliverable, and belongs to your intended recipient.

In today’s world, email is often the best (and only) way to reach your donors and members. If your campaigns don’t land in the inbox, your organization will never generate the opens, clicks, and donations it needs to thrive.

Poor Email Hygiene = Poor Digital Fundraising Results

Did you know that 95+% of deliverability issues stem from problems with the underlying list? Every bad email address you collect is a lost opportunity and a potential deliverability threat. Poor data quality will result in bouncing emails, spamtraps, and other bad addresses, which can derail your entire email marketing program.

SafeToSend email validatiSafeToSend Email Validationon by FreshAddress is the only solution that can neutralize these threats and ensure that every donor/member email address you collect is an asset, not a liability.

For over 20 years, we’ve been helping leading nonprofits like the American National Red Cross, Food for the Poor, and the World Wildlife Fund maximize the impact of their digital fundraising efforts by reaching more donors and members via email. Here’s an example of how SafeToSend works:

Nonprofit Case Study (AAA Ohio)

AAA Ohio suspected that they had a high number of invalid, duplicate, and deliverable but problematic addresses, which required removal. This presented a major problem for the organization because it knows that members for whom it has a working email address spend $75 more per year on average.

This client leveraged SafeToSend to flag 31.5% of its database as invalid or problematic and identify 2,200 toxic spamtrap addresses for suppression. After completing the hygiene process, AAA Ohio experienced a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Decrease in undeliverable email addresses from 25% to 6.5%,
  • A boost in email deliverability from 97% to nearly 100%,
  • A 20% lift in email engagement, and
  • An estimated $59,175 in additional value provided by 789 suggested FreshAddress corrections

Read the entire case study

Exclusive Offer for Local Boys & Girls Clubs

For a limited time, local Boys & Girls Clubs will receive a 10% discount on all SafeToSend email validation projects over 100,000 records. Contact us to learn more and get started.

* $1000 mandatory project minimum

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Email List Growth and Retention

Interested in growing your email list and re-connecting with lost donors and members via email? We have services that can help! Contact us at to learn more.

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