Six Tips To Get More Inbox Attention (Part 1 of a 2-part series)

Spend five minutes with any email expert and they’ll tell you to “deliver value to your subscribers!”

OK, it’s good advice. But…hot offers and content are just a waste of inbox space if your email doesn’t catch the subscriber’s attention.

And if they don’t even recognize your email, they might mark it as spam. Ouch!

Unfortunately, attention’s a little scarce in our online world. So how do you go about getting it?

The solution begins with your sign-up process, which encourages subscribers to recognize and seek out your emails.

1. Explain the value of your emails in sign-up copy. Then reinforce that value on the confirmation page. Don’t just say “Thank you for signing up!” Add “Watch out for those email discounts!”

2. Link to a sample email or post a screenshot on the sign-up confirmation page. This shows people what to look for in their inbox.

3, In your welcome message(s), use the from line, subject line style and design elements that characterize your standard emails. This sets a recognizable pattern for future messages.

Attention also depends on timing.

4. Nope, there is no one best time to send an email. But there may be a best time to send your emails. Use tests to find out. And think in terms of the best day of the week and month, too.

5. Send regularly. If gaps between mails grow to months, then recognition fades. If you collect addresses before launching a new email program, don’t wait too long before sending the first email or the same problem applies!

6. Time emails to customer lifecycles and moments of interaction. When a subscriber just purchased a product, you know they’re thinking about you and/or what you offer. Use “trigger” emails to follow-up with relevant content.

Ah, but what about your email’s actual design and text? Don’t they play a role in grabbing attention?


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