Score, Design, & Test: 3 Strategies For Email Program Optimization [From EEC 2015]

Optimization is always on an email marketer’s mind. That was certainly the case earlier this month when I led a busy session on this topic at the Email Evolution Conference in Miami, Florida.


One point to remember about email optimization is that it’s a continuous process with three distinct strategies:

  1. Maintain your best list through regular cleaning and scoring

Regular list cleaning – not just once a year or so – removes both undeliverable addresses and “deliverable but problematic” addresses. It also clears the way for segmentation, which can drive higher engagement.

Using your clean list, create a scoring model using a service like FreshAddress’s eSpend Score. Use this model to segment your list into relevant groups based on factors such as purchase likelihood. Then, create unique messages for each segment.

  1. Design the most engaging email content.

Effective email content is a mix of numbers and creativity. Track statistics on your own emails to understand what drives opens and clicks, such as cadence, send times, “from” and subject lines, plus different types of creative content.

Experiment with standout creative content. Use descriptive subject lines, bold images, offers keyed to different segments and design that renders well on smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

  1. Test systematically using specific rules.

Never rely on your instincts or hunches. Test every aspect of your email program, from the content (“from” and subject lines, offers, and images) to delivery (send times and frequency) to see what helps you meet your business goals.

Important: Develop rules that govern not just what and how to test but also how to implement the results.

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