Savoring the Fresh in FreshAddress: My First Week at FreshAddress

“Savor the Summer.” That’s how the banner read at Panera as I was munching on my Danish before my 8th day of work.

Summer. One tends to associate it with lazy, hazy days. One doesn’t necessarily couple the events of beach and boating with that of starting a new job and working fervently.

However, timing is everything and that is when I was invited to join FreshAddress. From the moment I walked into my modest, but beautiful window office complete with a lovely view of the top of leafy, lush trees and a comely brick building, I felt like I had breathed a breath of fresh air.

Surprising touches abounded. A coffee mug complete with my first name on it. FreshAddress emblazoned clips. My dual-screen computer all souped-up and ready to go. And most importantly, a clearly defined set of orientation goals.

What a rare occurrence! And it went on from there. As part of orientation, I was required to meet each member of the FreshAddress “family.” And I don’t use that term lightly. People really seemed to know each other and know each other well. At staff meetings, birthdays were mentioned and received a rousing round of applause. Births were highly anticipated given the vocalizations of “Is the baby here yet??” And most importantly, people knew who did what at the company and how to best leverage that to serve the client.

FreshAddress is a rarity. It is a company of warm touches at every point for new employees. What does that translate into for clients? FreshAddress is a company which prides itself on communication with its clients at every step of the process.

From Ryan who warmly answers the phone and efficiently gets your call to the right department to Kelsey who makes sure your interest at a tradeshow results in a prompt call back from a Sales Representative. And there are our tireless Sales Representatives who work very, very hard to ensure you have the right service that you need and that your choice positively affects your business’ bottom line. Once your contract is signed List Processing takes over and with the utmost care oversees the processing of your email or postal list and sees to it that you understand every step of your selected service and what is happening to your list. Then behind the scenes are Austin Bliss, president, and Bill Kaplan, CEO, making sure that the culture remains one of constant touches.

Ahhhhhhh, just like lemonade on a hazy, hot, and humid summer day, how refreshing.

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