Salesforce Connections takes NYC

I knew right from the start that my expectations for this conference were different than they’ve been in the past. This was my fourth year in attendance and I find it an honor to be in a position to attend this conference. Moreover, I love (I mean LOVE!) heading to Indy. If you have ever been to Boston, where FreshAddress is based, you will probably agree with me that Indianapolis seems like a smaller version of Boston! This year, however, as this conference was moved to New York City, I was unsure what to expect.

I am familiar with New York as it’s a 4-hour train ride south, but I was initially curious about the conference itself. At the new venue I was amazed at the scope, the attendance, the buzz, the traffic (inside the Javits Center, not on the streets!) and the overall attitude of everyone I connected with. I must say, I can see now why they moved Connections to New York. It’s just that big now and everyone I met agreed!

The obvious takeaways for me and FreshAddress were meeting up with our clients and discussing both current projects and new opportunities we can assist with. I was very thankful for the new relationships and connections I was able to make. Fitting, as the conference is named Connections! I am impressed to see how Exact Target has grown! There is a brand new audience with all of the SalesForce clients who were in attendance. It was good to learn and hear their stories of how SalesForce and Exact Target help them day to day. I can only hope that adding the FreshAddress suite of solutions to the marketers’ goals and challenges will be beneficial for all.

Flying back from Indy last year, we heard a rumor, “Connections is moving to New York.” As dismaying as that sounded and as much as we hoped it was not true, in retrospect, it was the right decision.

This year as we packed it up and took the train back up to Boston the rumors were, “This may be the last Connections” and “Connections will be rolled into the SalesForce’s Conference, Dream Force”. We hope this is not the case. Connections this year seemed to thrive. We hope the folks over at SalesForce and Exact Target agree!

It’s clear to me that Salesforce Connections is as large as it has ever been. We are proud to be aligned and partnered with such first-class organizations. I can only hope this time next year; I will be on yet another train, headed back to enemy territory! (Sorry! As a Boston sports fan I had to squeeze that in: you know, New York/Boston? Yankees/RedSox, Patriots/Jets! The Giants defeat of the Patriots in the Super Bowl? If you live in the Northeast, you’ll appreciate that!)

I cannot lavish enough praise on Salesforce Connections this year! A personal thank you to my wonderful clients, first and foremost—I look forward to seeing all of you and catching up again. To all who attended, to all who visited us, “the booth with the birds”, allow us to express our gratitude and welcome you to the FreshAddress family! We cherish the opportunity to do some awesome things for you that help transform your email marketing database!


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