SafeToSend just became more customizable!

What’s new?

SafeToSend Email Validation

In the Cloud: Version 7.2 is live! Additional service refinements have been added to ensure an equal distribution of resources. The new tech environment will support maximum requests per second scalability. Any users of our Real-Time validation service can obtain the 7.2 access credentials and documentation through the Client Portal.

Support for Customer Specific Exceptions: Is there a disagreement with a SafeToSend finding on a particular email address? Perhaps, for example, you need to make one-time accommodation for a role email address belonging to someone in your company. Through your Portal, you are now able to whitelist any email address so that it will pass validation within your Real-Time or batch account, without the need to change your business rules for overall service configuration.

Support for Customer Specific Suppressions – in batch processing! The logic for any email address, handle, or domain in your custom block list can now be applied to your batch file processing. You can even maintain separate blocking rules for Real-Time and batch processing. The choice is yours!

Support for Customer Overrides – in batch processing! Any URL parameters you’ve set in your Real-Time service can be mirrored in batch processing. The change will take effect immediately on your next file sent for validation.

To view and set your new customization options, please visit the Settings area in your portal. Other improvements are on the horizon so be sure to check back for the latest updates.

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