The passing of Memorial Day means that the unofficial start of summer is finally here!  While you probably spent the long weekend grilling and chilling, I’m sure you noticed the overload of holiday weekend emails in your inbox.  We definitely did!  Here are three Memorial Day email designs that we saw and loved:

1. Ecco USA
Subject Line: Memorial Day Sale – Last Chance on Clearance Items! Free Shipping.

I love the use of a homophone in this email by Ecco USA. “Set Sale For Memorial Day” isn’t just cute, it’s clever too! I also like the discrete use of patriotic colors in this email. Rather than have American flags plastered all over the design, Ecco incorporated the blue sky and white clouds with a coral font to show their holiday spirit. (Mobile optimized social links are also a plus!)


2. Ron Herman
Subject Line: Happy Memorial Day / Our Love from California

I like how this email from Ron Herman painted an American flag on a surfboard to show their patriotism while integrating the company’s Californian beach vibe. Ron Herman doesn’t use the holiday to push sales and deals at the consumer, but instead to genuinely wish a Happy Memorial Day. However, seeing the email pop up in an inbox still triggers one to check out the store’s site and “shop the California lifestyle.”


3. Michael Stars
Subject Line: American Made Classics | Happy Memorial Day!

Michael Stars took Memorial Day as an opportunity to stress that their apparel is made domestically by designing “USA” as the email’s focal point. In today’s society with so many products being outsourced, people really appreciate clothing that is made with love in America. The company also draws consumers in by displaying mobile optimized social links in their email. Social links are important as it allows for interaction, discussion and sharing.


Did any Memorial Day emails stand out in your inbox?  Tweet us your favorites @FreshAddress!


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