Did you see the grim stats about email deliverability in 2015?

In short: It’s down, possibly because email volume grew or because email services like Yahoo and Gmail are changing how they handle incoming email, including spam filtering.

Return Path’s 2015 deliverability benchmark study found deliverability rates fell to 79 percent, down from 83 percent in 2014. The news was even worse for U.S. email marketers: overall deliverability fell from 83 percent in 2014 to 76 percent in 2015.

We urge you to make email deliverability a priority now, to look for weak spots and vulnerabilities that are keeping you out of the inbox.

Regular list hygiene keeps inactive, undeliverable and potentially troublesome addresses out of your email database and reduces your exposure to ISP spam filtering and blocking. That, in turn, helps raise your inbox placement potential.

But, standard practices such as removing hard bounces immediately or using double opt-in to avoid mistyped or incorrectly formatted email addresses, can fail to detect potentially troublesome addresses that are hibernating in your database.

So, you’ll need to step up your game to improve email deliverability. Below are two tactics:

  1. Use email change of address to reconnect with subscribers who fell off your radar when they changed email addresses without updating you.
  2. Make your content more compelling with segmentation, which allows you to target different audiences within your database with relevant messages or to focus your efforts on the ISPs that host your top customers.

In a future blog post, we’ll talk about increasing your inbox placement with alternate forms of connecting with subscribers. Stay tuned!

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