Putting Clients First: An Update on the FreshAddress Client Advisory Board

Late last year, FreshAddress launched a new Client Advisory Board, giving a cross-section of clients exclusive access to the FreshAddress management team, an opportunity to provide input on new products and services, and the chance to interact with other email marketers to exchange ideas, problems, and best practices.

In this issue of FreshPerspectives Alicia Searfoss, Internet Marketing Manager at National Relief Charities, and Andrea Casanova, Direct & Database Marketing Manager at Viking River Cruises, share their experiences as inaugural board members.

FreshPerspectives: Describe one thing you’ve either learned from or contributed to a recent FreshAddress Client Advisory Board meeting.

Alicia Searfoss: I learned how the eSpend Score can help segment our online database and potentially reach donors with more relevant messaging.

Andrea Casanova: Advisory Board meetings are a good place to get a read on what others are focusing on at the moment, and what new trends are developing. One topic we’ve spoken about is marketing automation and how to enable this process by making sure clean data is entering the system.

FreshPerspectives [FP]: What is one email trend or development you get excited about?

Andrea Casanova: Communicating to customers in a highly-relevant manner via triggered emails is something that we are exploring. We communicate to those booked on upcoming vacations with us and – based on their travel details – we can send them useful, customized information at the right time prior to their trip. This has helped us close a pre-trip communication gap when passengers might not otherwise hear from us.

FP: What is one email trend or development that worries you?

Alicia Searfoss: It worries me that it’s getting harder for our emails to make it into our donors’ inboxes. Between the sheer volume and anti-spam initiatives, we have to get more creative all the time to stand out. We have to continually find ways to do this because, for NRC, it’s all about helping people in need.

FP: What does your organization do and why do you like working there?

Alicia Searfoss: National Relief Charities is a nonprofit dedicated to quality of life for Native Americans living on remote and poverty-stricken reservations in the Plains and Southwest. I love going home at night – regardless of how tough the day was – knowing that I had a part in making a difference for the most underserved people in the United States.

Andrea Casanova: Viking River Cruises is a tour operator on the rivers of Europe, China, Russia, Egypt and Southeast Asia. It is a fast-paced and exciting place to work.

FP: Why did you agree to join the FreshAddress Client Advisory Board?

Alicia Searfoss: National Relief Charities has worked with FreshAddress for many years and always had a good relationship. The email appends are very important for the integrity of our database, so I wanted to be a part of any future discussions.

Andrea Casanova: We needed to be more proactive with advancements in email techniques and technologies. We have always been vigilant about keeping our data up to date but we needed to be actively talking to other users and contributing our concerns to help develop new products to address them not just for Viking but for others out there like us.

FP: Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us!

The FreshAddress Client Advisory Board continues to seek interested clients for board participation. To be considered for membership, send an email with your contact information to me at miarrobino@freshaddress.com.

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