Product Corner: March 2016

How well do ESPs vet client email lists?

We recently surveyed a group of leading ESPs to find out. Here’s what we learned:

The short answer = NOT VERY.

ESPs struggle to process big input lists under aggressive timelines when on-boarding new clients. They worry about the quality of data that clients provide. A lot. But to our surprise, few actually conduct a thorough analysis of new client email lists.  Even fewer conduct due diligence on new lists from existing clients or client lists already in their system.


The ESPs we polled understand the importance of analyzing client email lists. But, they face obstacles that hinder their ability to get it right. A limited supply of time and resources are two big ones. ESPs know that it’s easy for clients to make mistakes. They do everything they can to catch them, but lack the right solution.

Until now – Our new List Vetting™ service is the answer to this problem. List Vetting™ makes it faster, easier, and cheaper for ESPs to analyze client email lists. Built specifically for ESPs, the service helps you differentiate good lists from bad, prior to deployment.

The process is simple. The ESP provides a list. From there, List Vetting™ checks every email on the input list for spamtraps. It also searches for any signs of addresses that are purchased, scraped, or acquired through forced sign-up.  The icing on the cake is a grade that indicates the list’s overall quality and deliverability.

Ongoing email list hygiene is the key to success for ESPs and their clients. List Vetting™ makes the process painless.

Are you ready to learn more? Feel free to email me, Joshua Terry.

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