Product Corner – March 2015

Product Corner: Targeting Audiences on Facebook

One of the priorities that we often see in various marketer surveys and anecdotal feedback is ‘de-siloing’ data and touching customers and prospects via whatever channel they are most comfortable with as they make their journey.

As a Product Manager, this is really exciting to me because FreshAddress is well positioned to help with this – email address is overwhelmingly the primary key for individuals’ interactions with brands, especially in a world where our audiences own multiple devices. And it is a terrific map from offline to online interaction.

An interesting way in which we’re working in this space now is Facebook Onboarding. Facebook is a terrific platform for B2C marketing because:

  1. It consumes a large quantity of users’ time per day
  2. Marketing capabilities are very good, with excellent targeting options
  3. It is by definition a cross-device platform, and avoids all the normal questions that come up with cookie targeting.

FreshAddress’s Onboarding for Facebook makes Facebook advertising possible for your customer or prospect postal or email lists. We take your name and postal or email address information as an input, and produce as output a targetable audience in your Facebook ad account that represents the same people as your input file. Now you can advertise to the same customers and prospects to whom you send direct mail and email, bringing another digital channel to bear and deepening your relationship with them.

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