Product Corner- July 2015

Product Corner: Email List Vetting

Ever wanted to do a quick quality check on an email list? One of the challenges we hear from many ESPs and other clients is how hard it is to rapidly assess an unknown list prior to deployment. And wise email senders know how important it is to protect one’s mailing reputation from disastrous IP damage due to harmful lists. To address this challenge, I’m working with some select clients on our new List Vetting service, which we’re now making available in limited release. List Vetting is an API service which allows you to quickly receive feedback about email lists as a whole, giving you a high level view on a list’s quality and deliverability.

How does it work?

List Vetting analyzes an email list against FreshAddress’ knowledge base in real-time, returning to you an easy to understand response that warns you if a list contains spam-traps, forced signups and other list concerns along with the level of severity for those categories. Rather than waiting to see the harmful effects of bad lists, List Vetting allows you to quickly notice issues prior to exposing your IPs or damaging your sending reputation.

Interested in hearing more? Email Joshua Terry.

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