Product Corner – January 2015

Emailium® is a searchable index of millions of promotional email campaigns sent by tens of thousands of email marketers. It’s a great source of email design inspiration and competitive intelligence.

Luckily, we have great users who aren’t shy about sharing their feedback. And we also have a great internal team that is super responsive and wants to keep improving this tool. Here are some improvements we’ve made recently:

  1. We now provide mobile view of emails (!!!). By some measures, smartphones and tablets now account for more than half of email views. It’s increasingly important to understand how your competitors may be designing responsive emails and glean best practices / code tips and tricks for doing so. So I’m happy to say that Emailium now shows how an email renders on a mobile device! When you view an email detail page, there’s a new “Mobile View” tab that shows how the email appears on a smartphone (specifically, in a 320 x 480 environment). Take it for a spin and let us know what you think!
    mobile view
  2. We’ve revamped Industry searching. We’ve done a big overhaul and QC of our industry tagging to make it more valuable to users looking within specific verticals for sending stats and creative examples. We think you’ll find that searching using the improved tags will yield more comprehensive and accurate results!
  3. We’re improving search to handle special characters. We’ve observed a number of users run into difficulty when their searches use special characters; as always, it’s on us to make things easier to use. So we introduced a small change to return better results when using special characters. It’s somewhat technical, but my go-to example is Williams-Sonoma – note the hyphen in the company name. Previously, users who were looking for “Williams-Sonoma” using company search would actually get no results, despite the fact that we have hundreds of their emails (horrible user experience, I know!). Thanks to this fix, users searching for this brand (and other brands with special characters in their names) are more likely to find what they need. Keep us posted if you run across more problematic searches, we want to make this easy for you to use!
    Clients who don’t already have an Emailium® subscription can access a free month of the tool by using coupon code freemonth when signing up. (

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