Product Corner – February 2015

Product Corner: Always-on email list hygiene

One of the things that gets our team excited is email hygiene; making sure that email marketers can safely contact their subscribers and drive ROI is a real passion for us. So I’m pumped to share a big innovation that FreshAddress is making in the email hygiene space.

Many of you are familiar with our industry leading SafeToSend® email validation technology (if not, check out more on it here!).

What we are making available now in limited release, called List Guard, is always-on email hygiene. List Guard extends protection for your email list beyond your initial SafeToSend project or email validation check – providing constant monitoring of your email list so that you can suppress addresses that “flip” from good to bad as soon as it happens.


How does it work?

It works by continuing to track the email addresses you’ve already run through SafeToSend. Then it sends automated alerts / updates when we see changes in the status of these addresses.

Wait, if my list is already SafeToSend, why do I need List Guard?

SafeToSend is the gold standard for email address validation and hygiene, and FreshAddress’s 10-day deliverability guarantee on any SafeToSend email address protects you completely from any list issues.

But the email ecosystem is constantly changing. New spamtraps are constantly created or recycled from previously good addresses. List Guard

  • Ensures that you are protected from changes in the environment that can harm your email program
  • Gives you the benefit of new knowledge that FreshAddress uncovers about spamtrap and other toxic addresses

It’s a pretty exciting leap forward in recognizing that if email addresses constantly change status, we need to offer a pain-free solution to help email marketers manage this.

Contact us to learn more!

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