Product Corner: August 2016

Introducing…. Automated Email Append!

Great Idea

You may already be familiar with the benefits of FreshAddress’ Consumer Email Append service.

Email Appending is a great way to:

  1. Expand your campaign audience and increase sales and donations by adding more valid email addresses to your database.
  2. Nurture customer loyalty by adding a new electronic touch point to your marketing strategy.
  3. Win back lost customers by reconnecting with them via email.
  4. Reduce marketing and customer service costs by shifting communications to a lower cost channel.

The process is pretty straightforward:

  • You send us a list of customer names and postal addresses.
  • We match the list against our proprietary database.
  • Finally, we provide you with a list of corresponding email addresses for 35%+ of your input file.

You may have used our appending services before. You may have considered it, but got discouraged by the job minimum, match price, or turnaround time.

Does this sound like you? If so, FreshAddress’ new Automated Email Append service alleviates those reservations. This offering delivers the results you need to increase your bottom line, without the overhead of a full service operation.

Better Price: Save up to 90% on every matched address

We get it. The price of our full service offering can be a barrier to running frequent email appending jobs. That’s why we created Auto Append. Try it out. You’ll save on costs and can rest assured that your data receives the same great service it would with our full service offering.

  • Your data still hits our entire proprietary database (835+ million addresses).
  • It’s also cleaned using our SafeToSend® service.  This helps you avoid any damaging email addresses in your final results.

What about pricing? That depends on how many matches you prepay for; the more matches you buy, the lower the cost. The matches won’t expire as long as you’re using the service, so it’s best to buy in bulk to save more money down the road!

Faster Turnaround Time: 3 weeks becomes 3 hours

Don’t wait weeks for your results (the typical time on a full service job is 15 business days).  Get your results in mere hours, and put your newly matched list to work right away. All you need to do is upload your file to our secure FTP. From there, you’ll receive a notification email when your file is ready.  The whole process takes less than 3 hours.

Lower Minimum: Don’t waste time collecting enough records to hit the minimum

Do you find yourself waiting months to collect a big enough record list to hit the full service job minimum?  If so, Automated Email Append is your new tool to get fast results. With Automated Email Append, you can run jobs from 500,000 records down to just 1 if you like. The only minimum you need to hit is 1,000 matches in any month of usage.

With our typical match rates of 20-40%, anywhere around 2,500 records or more uploaded per month should be sufficient. But of course, those records can be uploaded throughout the month at any time, instead of being part of just one job.

Greater Availability: Our system is always available!

Need to run a file at 2 am on a Friday? We won’t judge! With automated append, you have the ability to match your customer list with our database at any time, 24/7/365. Run the lists as soon as you’ve got ‘em.

Match Reports: Get a sneak peek at your match percentage without using up prepaid matches

A new feature available only in the Automated Email Append service is the ability to run a MATCHREPORT. With this new feature, you have the capability to test the match rate of a file for free. Our system will match a sample of your list (up to 1000 records) against our database and return to you an estimated match percentage. Then, you decide whether you want to run the file to obtain the matched email addresses. This feature works great for re-sellers and agencies!

Same Quality: With our SafeToSend® guarantee, you won’t be deprived of FreshAddress caliber email addresses

We stand behind our services, so every result file you get from the Automated Email Append service is backed by our SafeToSend® Guarantee. For each of the addresses we return that bounce within 10 days of receipt, we will credit your account with the corresponding number of matches.

In summary, if you have run or have considered running Email Append Projects in the past, but were deterred by pricing, timing, or minimums…

Contact us today to find out if Automated Append is the right service for you!

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