Product Corner – August 2015

I’m really excited about the work the team here is doing on Emailium®. Now I can’t leak too many details, but I think a lot of our clients will be thrilled about how much easier we’re making it to view and access the one million plus emails from over 20 thousand brands (and always growing) that are held on the site.

This past month we were able to improve our ability to get even more emails onto the site, unlocking a bunch of brands that were initially unavailable for our users.

As we mentioned back in January, we made some awesome additions to Emailium®’s feature set. It currently allows users to search emails by brand and view emails in both their desktop and mobile versions, with or without images. You can also peek beyond the surface and take a look at the source code behind an email. Take a look at the great campaign by Neiman Marcus below, available with just a few clicks on the site. Notice how certain elements disappear in the mobile view.


Got a feature in mind that you’d love us to add or just want to talk a bit more about the site? Feel free to email me, Joshua Terry.

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