Our New SafeToSend™ Deliverability Solution: A Sneak Peek to a Revolution in Email

Email Hygiene: The Foundation of Email Success

Given that 90% of deliverability issues for legitimate marketers stem from hygiene problems with the underlying list, email hygiene is perpetually top-of-mind among emailers and ESPs. Over the last decade, FreshAddress has processed billions of email addresses, cleaning and correcting files for clients ranging from Fortune 50 companies to major non-profits to ESPs to brand marketers and lead generation companies. While we continually update our processing technology and knowledge base every day, at the beginning of April we are launching a dramatic improvement to our hygiene service offering, based on significant new technologies and licensing arrangements developed in the past year.

FreshAddress Introduces SafeToSend Deliverability Solution

Utilizing patented technology and our vast knowledge base (e.g. sends, bounces, opens, and clicks based on messaging activity of FreshAddress and our network of reporting partners), SafeToSend™ ensures your email addresses are deliverable and worry-free with a 3-step process:

  1. Step 1: CHECK each address to confirm the account is valid and available to accept email, using our proprietary algorithms and knowledge base of confirmed undeliverable addresses and email address-specific activity
  2. Step 2: CORRECT typos, syntax errors, format issues, and millions of other input errors with our email address “spell-check” technology
  3. Step 3: PROTECT your database from damaging (but deliverable) addresses, including spamtraps, honeypots, frequent spam complainers, role accounts, disposable domains, bogus addresses, and malicious entries

The solution will be available via automated processing (Real-Time or Auto-Batch) or Full-Service processing, depending on client needs.

New Features

With SafeToSend, we’re proud to introduce additional features and guarantees to our email hygiene and correction services:

  • Deliverability Guarantee: 100% guaranteed deliverability on any address we process (bouncing addresses can be returned for credit).
  • Account Level Validation (ALV): FreshAddress’s proprietary algorithm utilizes our knowledge base of confirmed undeliverable email addresses and email-specific activity to determine whether the email address is valid and available to accept email. If unrecognized, we reach for a real-time confirmation (e.g. SMTP check at the email address level and IM account level check for a given email address, among other technologies) to confirm the email address is valid and deliverable… without deploying a message.
  • Smart CAPTCHA: Our automated real-time (or REACT) option now includes sophisticated utilization of reCAPTCHA to ensure all your signups are made by humans rather than bots.

A New Chapter

The release of our SafeToSend Deliverability Solution marks the start of a new and exciting chapter for FreshAddress and a revolutionary change for email marketers and ESPs. Built on a foundation of 13 years of research, patented technologies, expertise, and experience, SafeToSend is the most robust solution on the market today to help ensure your email addresses are not only deliverable but, moreover, free of known spamtraps, bogus address, role accounts and other problematic addresses that can result in blocking and blacklisting. We look forward to continue helping our clients optimize their deliverability rates… and ultimately increase their email marketing ROI.

Don’t deploy another email unless you’re sure it’s SafeToSend.

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