Opt-in Permission Messaging: Another FreshAddress First for the Industry

Mid-February marked our first full month of deploying exclusively opt-in permission messages for all of our deployment-related services, including email appending and our patented Email Change of Address (ECOA) service. We’re pleased to report that this change has been a resounding success thus far, with a universally positive reception from new and existing clients alike.

We first announced our move to opt-in in the Magill Report and our own press release. With a month of projects now under our belt, we’re thrilled to share the news and further details with our “FreshPerspectives” readers as well.

Opt-in permission messages include a link allowing recipients to “raise their hands” to receive email communications from brands with which they have an existing online or offline relationship. Customers who actively opt-in to receive emails are likely to be highly engaged subscribers, the cream of the crop of any email marketer’s house file.

Why Deploy Exclusively Opt-in Permission Messages?

We made the decision to deploy exclusively opt-in permission messages to leverage the value proposition it offered to our clients (more on that later) and raise the standard of excellence within our industry. As Bill Kaplan, FreshAddress CEO, said in our press release, “We were one of the first companies to integrate the FCC’s Wireless Domain Block list and the DMA’s ‘Do Not Email’ list into our suppression processes. Switching to opt-in permission messaging allows leading marketers to continue to enhance their customer databases while ensuring each individual’s interests are respected.”

The transition to opt-in permission messaging is a huge boon to our clients. Using only opt-in permission messages allows our client base of Fortune 1000 companies and major nonprofits to:

  • Gain deeper insights into their most engaged customers
  • Reduce complaint and unsubscribe rates, thereby optimizing their reputation and maximizing inbox deliverability
  • Align their email communications with best practices prescribed by leading ESPs and ISPs

Opt-in Rates Revealed

Results thus far have been impressive. Clients have experienced opt-in rates of up to 20%+ among recipients who opened the permission message. To boost both open and opt-in rates, our Client Services team works closely with our clients to create custom permission messages with special offers and promotions. While we encourage custom creative, we also offer a time-tested opt-in template message for those clients interested in expediting the process.

As always, clients are only charged for deliverable email addresses. We pride ourselves on our money-back guarantee: any undeliverable email addresses returned within 10 business days of project completion can be returned for a credit.

Survey Said

Based on the feedback we’ve received from our clients and the insights we’ve been able to provide them relative to their most engaged customers, we can safely say that the move to opt-in permission messages was a wise move. It enables our clients to safely build and update their customer databases while shining another light to help them steer their email marketing programs through ISPs’ deliverability screens. We are pleased to continue setting the standards for best practices in the industry while enabling our clients to maximize the revenue potential of their greatest asset, their customer database. Thank you to our staff – and our clients – for making this a smooth and successful transition.

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