Savvy marketers know the importance of proper email list hygiene.

It’s really quite simple.

  • Every email address in your database is an investment.
  • How well you manage those investments can make or break your business.

The problem isn’t recognizing this, it’s moving from concept to reality. There’s currently an overwhelming number of myths and misconceptions preventing many companies from doing so. Many of them are centered around the the following questions:

  • How do I keep my email list clean?
  • What does “clean”  really mean when it comes to my email list?
  • Can I do it myself? Can I just rely on my ESP? Do I need a partner to help?

Our new whitepaper “The Marketer’s Guide to Email Validation & Hygiene” provides thorough answers to these questions and many more. If you’re a involved in your company’s email marketing efforts, this guide is a must-read.

The Marketer's Guide to Email Validation & Hygiene

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