Email is the cornerstone of your customer interactions. Without it, your customer experience program is in big trouble. Disagree?

Take email out of the customer journey equation for a minute….

How are you going to nurture prospects from awareness, to conversion, to raving brand fanatics?

  • You could call them relentlessly.
  • You could stalk them on social media.
  • You could bombard them with direct mail.

Don’t get me wrong. Telephone, social media, and direct mail all play a role here (in moderation). Without email to fill in the blanks, they just don’t cut it.

The 3 Pillars: Acquire, Retain, and Win-Back

Great! We’ve established that you can’t have a smooth customer journey without email. But how do you make it work? When it comes to email messaging along the customer journey, it’s all about acquisition, retention, and win-back.

To excel in these three areas, you must:

  1. ACQUIRE: Collect a clean, deliverable email address for your clients and prospects.
  2. RETAIN: Have a way to keep them clean and up-to-date.
  3. WIN-BACK: Have a “plan B” in place if your relationship ends with an unsubscribe.

Want to learn more? Download our latest whitepaper: “How to Prepare your Email List for the Customer Journey”. It contains a 3-part stress test designed to help you acquire, retain, and win-back the email addresses your customer experience program needs to thrive.

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