New Spam Law “CASL” Makes Reclaiming Inactives More Urgent

Inactive addresses are a fact of email marketing life, but Canada’s strict email law, which went into effect on July 1, gives you even more reasons to wake up or remove as many as you can.

The legislation, Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL), requires marketers to get “express consent” from each email address owner in order to send nearly all forms of commercial email to Canadian residents.

Any company in the world that wants to send email to Canadian residents must obey the law. Violations can incur stiff penalties (potentially, millions of dollars). You can get more particulars about the law and what it means for marketers at the CASL home page.

How could CASL affect your inactive subscribers? Any Canadian email addresses that you added to your database over the years without being opted in expose you to violations. If your database is full of old email addresses with murky permission levels and little or no geographic identifying data, you’re violating this new law every time you send.

Read our next post to learn more about inactivity & how to reclaim sleeping subscribers.

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