March Madness: Make Subscriber Engagement a Slam-Dunk

Are you looking forward to this weekend’s Elite Eight games? Wouldn’t it be great if your email subscribers were as engaged as the fans of perennial powerhouses like UConn and Kentucky are?

A winning team needs more than a 7-foot center. Your email program needs more than pretty pictures and snappy copy. Below are two characteristics of fan-favorite college hoops teams that you could consider to boost your engagement index:

  1. They deliver on their fans’ expectations.

Fans expect their teams to win games. What do your subscribers expect?

If you promise VIP treatment with email-exclusive content and previews at opt-in but send the same “free shipping/20% off” message every time, you give your subscribers no additional reason to focus on your messages over your inbox competitors.

Making your emails more interesting, informative, or interactive will make them more engaging and give your subscribers more reason to open and act on them.

  1. They have a solid support system off the court.

A good coaching staff, supportive managers, and maybe even heavy-duty academic assistance help a team succeed. Who’s in your corner? Behind-the-scenes support doesn’t usually factor into most subscriber-engagement discussions, but it should.

Ask the guys in IT how to integrate ecommerce info into your emails so you can target more effectively. Sit in on calls with Customer Service to learn what’s bugging people, and brainstorm ways email could help. Your service vendors should have resource centers brimming with free research, advice, and how-tos. (Check out the FreshAddress library here).

Here’s to building a championship-quality fan base!

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