3 Ways to Make Your Subscribers Absolutely Adore You

Valentine’s Day puts love on everybody’s mind, but for email marketers, winning subscribers’ devotion is a year-round process.

Subscribers who fall out of love with your email are more likely to unsubscribe, go inactive, or hit the “Report Spam” button. All of these can hurt deliverability, list quality and program revenue.

Below are three ways you can show your subscribers some love:

  1. Welcome them warmly.
    A welcome email – sent ASAP after the opt-in – warms up your new subscribers before you drop them into your regular email stream. Use it to deliver subscriber incentives that send them back to your website to shop, sign up for an account, or otherwise engage with you or to expand on your email benefits and expectations.aewelcome
  2. Look good for them.
    Can your readers see your message content, click the links, and find the information they need? And, can they interact easily with your email no matter whether they read it on a big screen or a mobile device? If not, work with your designer to fix the biggest problems right away and be sure your website is also mobile optimized.
  3. Help them become more successful shoppers.
    Dedicate space in your editorial calendar for emails that share tips, advice, and other insider information as well as a sales message. These help your customers shop smarter, make fewer mistakes, and be more confident about their purchases. That, in turn, nets you happier customers and less work for your customer service people.surlatable

Everybody wins, and that’s a pretty good basis for love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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