Make It Easy

Can we make this easier?

We ask this of ourselves and our clients whenever we’re reviewing and planning the FreshAddress service offerings. The answer is usually “yes.” The difficult part, of course, is to build off that answer toward an achievable goal and feature set.

FreshAddress’s services drive ROI for client organizations, so we invest a lot of time with champions and stakeholders to determine how to deliver this value as seamlessly as possible. We glean a great deal from these conversations; one of our most important learnings is that we need to make FreshAddress services and solutions available in the various platforms that our clients regularly use to accomplish their daily tasks.

It can be easy to overlook accessibility in tech service design because we’re so focused on core services and making them the best that they can be. Case in point: Our SafeToSend™ email hygiene product is the unequivocal industry leader. No one else can deliver such a comprehensive product that addresses the many client needs to reduce bounces (check), remove toxic spamtraps, honeypots, and frequent spam complainers (protect), and ensure access to happy, engaged customers (correct).

Is all this power easily accessible for our clients? We know there’s room for improvement, and we’re moving to place as much emphasis on the ease of our services as we do on power.

You may have already heard about the exciting new SafeToSend™ app that will be available on the ExactTarget HubExchange starting next week. This is a good realization of our goals: deliver the same powerful service that clients expect from FreshAddress in ways that are:

  • Accessible to clients within their preferred marketing platform
  • Quick, simple, and intuitive – submit a set of email addresses for cleaning in as little as two clicks

We’re researching the digital marketing platforms that our clients use and trust, and are hungry to discover those which haven’t quite caught on yet, but are undeniably fresh and powerful. This means thinking about our services in new ways. SafeToSend™ is the right fit for the ExactTarget platform because it delivers the service end-users need – where and how they most want and need it. On another platform with a different set of users and needs, email scoring, or email appending – or one of the totally new services we are cooking up in the lab – may be the right one.

If you’re interested in having the power of FreshAddress delivered to you in new and interesting ways, reach out. We’d love to talk with you.

And if you’re a digital marketing platform with ideas on partnering, let’s connect. I think we can both learn from each other.

Be sure to check in with us from time to time. We’re committed to advancing the power and ease of our products and we’re listening.

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