What We Learned About Email Marketing From The #BlizzardOf2015

#Snowmaggedon2015, #Juno, #Snowpocalypse – whatever you want to call it, it’s all anyone’s been talking about for the past 48 hours. So, what can we learn, as marketers, from an event like this?

  1. Monopolize On Up-To-The-Minute Events
    We all saw timely emails with subject lines like “Snowed in? Here’s a free “sparknotes” version of 5 books every marketer should read.” (HubSpot), “Snow Day Savings: 6 Hour Flash Sale Is On!” (Ideel), and “Katherine, Snow Is On The Way!” (CVS).
    These are great attention grabbers to increase open rates!

  2. Use Your Data Wisely
    An email I received from CVS (mobile-optimized, I might add) read, “Katherine, be prepared for the storm with one convenient stop.” By using location as a data source, you can use weather-related events to target your customers.cvs
  3. Sync Up With Social
    The hashtags #blizzardof2015, #juno, and #snomaggedon2015 were crazy popular yesterday, so by linking your email/digital marketing campaign with social media you can create a multichannel approach to enhance your efforts. Heels.com sent an email with the subject line “#Blizzardof2015 = 30% Off ALL SHOES” targeting those who were snowed in and ready for some online shopping. They even incorporated the clever pun “Juno what to do – Get cozy and shop the sitewide sale.” heels

Did you see any great #Blizzardof2015 marketing efforts? Tweet @FreshAddress and let us know!


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