Last summer, we published a very popular piece on IP warm-up best practices. It provided 5 powerful tips to solve IP warm-up problems and laid out an IP warm-up schedule that email marketers could use as a point of reference.

FreshAddress partner LuxSci recently published a blog post titled “Warming Up Your IP Addresses Automatically” that we are excited to share with our readers. This article serves as the perfect update and complement to our previous commentary on the topic. It even contains an updated IP warm-up schedule.

Read the article: Warming Up Your IP Addresses Automatically

Don’t Forget About Hygiene When Assessing Problems!

Are you following IP warm-up best practices but still seeing open rates and inbox placement dip? If so, we recommend that you take a long, hard look at your email hygiene practices, and your provider if you have one.

Why a Simple “Ping” Won’t Do:

Do you know how your list is cleaned before deployments? If your provider only performs a simple SMTP check or “ping”, this could be the reason for your problems.

Why? Because this doesn’t catch what FreshAddress calls “deliverable, but problematic” email addresses. These include bad addresses like:

  • Spamtraps;
  • Honeypots;
  • Heavy spam complainers;
  • Disposable addresses; and
  • Role accounts.

A simple “ping” won’t catch these addresses. Remember, hitting just one spamtrap can lead to blacklisting. There’s no faster way to bring your email marketing program to a halt.

So, what can you do?

Use a comprehensive email hygiene service like SafeToSend® to keep you out of trouble. SafeToSend:

  • Flags toxic but deliverable addresses (spamtraps, honeypots, heavy spam complainers, disposable emails, role accounts)
  • Corrects email typos, syntax, and related errors
  • Confirms Valid, SafeToSend deliverability with 100% delivery promise

Want to learn more about SafeToSend email validation and hygiene? Contact us today.

Have questions about IP warm-up best practices? Speak with your ESP or request a consultation with LuxSci.

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