One of the central challenges an email designer faces is the one this post headline references – what the heck am I going to do to make my next [Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Valentine’s Day…] email [rock, lift CTR by 2.5%, be different from all the others…]?

What can certainly help is a place to start – a line in the sand beside a blank canvas or empty HTML doc. It isn’t news that looking at what other designers are doing across industries, at your main competitors, and at your fave brands is a good way to shake loose and up your game. What is news is that when these brain-clearing moments arise, there’s now a way to get quick access to exactly what you need.

Enter: Emailium®,

Emailium is a database of over 5 years of email marketing – millions of messages from over 9,000 brands – updated in real time.

It is the best swipe file you can imagine, morphing and updating to fit whatever need you have and scratch that itch. Need to grab a bunch of free shipping emails to see what folks are using for visuals? Out-Black Friday the Black Friday emails from last year? It’s the ultimate sword for an email ninja to wield.

Halloween Emails

Take that, Halloween email designer’s block!

Like that responsive design your competitor has been using? Then check out the HTML code in its full glory.


Ctrl+C, meet Ctrl+V

And try an email on for size with and without images.


Wait, it looks like WHAT before they download images???

The takeaway: When you need to make your company’s email designs and copy stand out from theirs, Emailium puts millions of emails at your fingertips to give you ideas for welcome, holiday, sizzling summer sale, oops/sorry! emails, and more. It’s like brainstorming with the top creative minds from more than 9,000 companies!

Now go design a Halloween email you can be proud of! :)

P.S. You can try out Emailium for a month (free! no commitment!) by using coupon code freemonth when signing up.


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