How Gmail’s Easy Unsubscribe Links Will Help Your Email Deliverability

Gmail recently revealed an improvement making it easier than ever for users to unsubscribe from unwanted marketing emails. In a post on Gmail’s Google+ page, it was announced that unsubscribe links are now more obvious and easy to find.

According to the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, all commercial emails must include “a clear and conspicuous explanation of how the recipient can opt out of getting email from you in the future.” However, in the past, email marketers have tried to hide these links, forcing users to get out a magnifying glass to figure out how to opt out. This technique is ineffective in the long run; hiding an unsubscribe link can encourage users to mark your email as spam, which is deadly for email marketers.

Gmail Unsubscribe

Now, Gmail has moved the unsubscribe link to the top of these emails, next to the sender’s email address.
This change may seem like a red flag for marketers who fear losing subscribers means losing valuable customers; however, it is just the opposite. Having a clear unsubscribe link is not only a best practice in email marketing, but it will increase email deliverability long term. By marking your email as spam, users can cause ISPs to block your IP address. Unhappy users can also complain, giving ISPs even more of a reason not to trust you as a sender. Losing users who unsubscribe and maintaining a list of satisfied customers is the best route to increasing email deliverability.

Following Google’s Bulk Senders Guidelines, keeping your unsubscribe link visible and easy to find, and staying CAN-SPAM compliant will help you to maintain your sender reputation and successfully deliver marketing emails.


Image via Gmail

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