Future Email Change of Address is in beta!

Today, we’re inviting general participation in a beta test period for a new email marketing service that leverages our industry leading Email Change of Address technology (ECOA): Future Email Change of Address (FECOA). FECOA solves the vexing problem of not knowing which email address a currently active email subscriber will prefer in the future. Using predictive modeling, regression analysis, and our proprietary email scoring, FreshAddress can take a current subscriber’s active email address and update it with an email address that he or she will prefer and primarily use at some time in the future.

When a recipient goes inactive, the damage is already done. This exciting new product proactively addresses this issue and enables marketers to stay one step ahead of list attrition. Using the recipient’s future preferred email address, email marketers can begin sending win-back messages that are already waiting in the recipient’s new inbox when he or she stops using a current address.

“Nautareel Brands is so grateful to FreshAddress for creating FECOA. It’s like a crystal ball for email marketing! Our list attrition has shrunk so much, it’s almost impossible to calculate the savings. In fact, we’ve saved so much, I’m taking the whole staff to Disney!” –

John-Michael Montebank

Thanks to the diligence of our top-notch data engineers, match rates for the new FECOA service remain close to the original ECOA match rate benchmarks of 10% – 15%. This is possible because of a new domain-based algorithm that matches current addresses to future preferred addresses at domains that don’t yet exist and that recipients haven’t yet signed up for.

As with the existing ECOA service, email addresses provided as results to FreshAddress clients will be SafeToSend® and guaranteed deliverable. After the beta period runs its course, we expect to launch the full FECOA service later in 2014.

Email marketers who want to combat the problem of future list attrition are invited to apply for participation in the FECOA beta by clicking here.


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