FreshAddress’s First Build Day with Habitat for Humanity Greater Boston

FreshAddress had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity Greater Boston in Roslindale on Wednesday as a part of our 15th anniversary celebration throughout the month of August. Ten of our team members worked alongside Paul, the site leader, Carl and Audrey, two Habitat volunteers, and Stephen, the future Habitat homeowner. We helped to fire-block the staircases, worked in the basement and on the deck, caulked the side of the roof, sanded some of the outside of the house, and much more. None of our staffers (except me!) had ever done Habitat and everyone was very inspired by the build day.

FreshAddress + Habitat for Humanity FreshAddress + Habitat for Humanity



“I couldn’t believe that we were able to do so much in contributing to building Stephen’s home!” said Gabby Pinto, our Graphic Design Intern. “It was a great experience. I’m looking forward to doing it again,” added Jon Tejeda, Account Executive.

“It was awesome!  I loved working with the team at Habitat and I felt that it was a great way to give back to the community.  I’d do it again in a heartbeat – especially if I’d get to use the power saw!” said Renée Soucy, Automated Systems Manager.

“I would, too! I loved being able to help and I was amazed at how much we learned in just one day,” said Megan Smith, our Office Assistant.

I have participated in Habitat builds before through school and in my hometown so I was excited to spread the word about the organization. When I found out that a lot of my coworkers hadn’t done Habitat before, I immediately looked into doing a group build as a part of our 15th anniversary celebration. It was such a great way to work together in the community and help to make a difference in someone’s life. We look forward to working with Habitat Greater Boston again and we appreciate the opportunity to help! Check out Habitat Greater Boston’s Facebook post about our day and feel free to share!

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