Ever wonder what’s going on behind the scenes at FreshAddress?

Our team is hard at work every day, striving to improve the client experience. That’s why we’re excited to announce our newest website feature, “FreshAddress at Work”. “FreshAddress at Work” provides an unprecedented view into what’s going on under the Client Services hood at FreshAddress. We update the log weekly, so check back often to keep up to speed on recent improvements, jobs returned, and more.

Here’s an example of what you’ll find at “FreshAddress at work”:

Week of 3/27/17

Improvements: ECOA Summary Reports updated.
Jobs Returned: 7432, 7430, 7425, 7435, 7428, 7415, 7423, 7406, 7291, 7427, 7426

Week of 3/20/17

Improvements: SafeToSend Annual Reports launched.
Jobs Returned: 7414, 7378, 7394, 7422, 7399, 7421, 7420, 7344, 7383, 7290, 7315, 7401, 7386

Week of 3/13/17

Improvements: Credit card limit for lookup and Match purchases increased. SafeToSend Real-time reporting on portal expanded.
Jobs Returned: 7273, 7375, 7400, 7393, 7345, 7380, 7392, 7364

Week of 3/6/17

Improvements: Client Portal updated to optimize lookup and match purchases. Credit card info can now be stored for future purchases.
Jobs Returned: 7397, 7236, 7391, 7358, 7369

Want to check out more recent improvements? Visit “FreshAddress at Work“.

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