FreshAddress & Online Dating Services: A Match Made In Heaven

Why FreshAddress is the Matchmaker for Your Email List

Happy Valentines Day
What do online dating services and FreshAddress have in common?

We both use data to bring people together! Maybe you’ve heard that the email relationship is like dating. You woo your subscribers with relevant emails that deliver what you promised when they opted in. Your customers can either go on to a long and happy marriage (loyalty) or break up with you (the unsubscribe).

Sometimes, things get complex. You attract too many misfit subscribers and not enough Mr./Ms. Rights. Or, the ones you have go silent, no longer opening or acting on your messages. Did they move on without telling you? Don’t they care anymore?

How Online Dating Services Can Grow with FreshAddress

FreshAddress to the rescue! Here’s how we can help you fan the flames of email love or reignite relationships that go cold:

Find better prospects: Find the subscribers who would be most interested in you with our 100% deliverability-guaranteed email append services for B2B and B2C companies. Connect with like-minded prospects using our Facebook Audience Connector. At the same time, kick out the bad apples by using SafeToSend to remove malformed, fake and potentially toxic emails.

Reconnect with your past: It’s not you; it’s them. People move on and forget to update their email addresses. Our patented Email Change of Address service helps you replaced outdated or inactive emails with updated versions. Then, eSpend Email Scoring helps you find the right words that will attract and engage your new found subscribers.

Forgive us for being sentimental this close to Valentine’s Day, but we believe your email database is the heart and soul of your digital marketing program. Whether you use it just to send email newsletters, or tie every piece of digital intelligence you have on your customers to their email records. We’ll do everything we can to help you keep that heart beating strong.

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