FreshAddress Launches New Client Portal

Our New Client Portal has Launched!

After months of planning and development, I’m ecstatic to announce that FreshAddress’s new client portal is live and ready for action.

Here’s a snapshot of what to expect:

  • A completely redesigned UI.
  • Access to your complete history of contracted services, paperwork, project details and billing.
  • Redesigned and more intuitive message creation and file upload tools.
  • Expanded SafetoSend Automated reporting.
  • Ability to send files via portal for Automated SafeToSend and Automated Email Append processing.
  • Invite and manage users to your Portal account, and set individual permission levels.
  • Improved access to support articles and more!

Access to the new portal is being rolled out in phases, so clients should keep a look out for their invitation to over the next few weeks. All clients will have an opportunity to schedule a demo of their account at that time. Additional features including Automatic Payments (including automatic refill of SafeToSend credits) as well as Email Service Provider integrations are slated for release early next year.

Have a wonderful holiday season and here’s to an exciting 2017!

– Nicole Campbell, Vice President, Client Services

Not already a client? Contact us today to learn how FreshAddress can help grow, protect, and update your email database. 

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