FreshAddress is a ‘cool tool’ for driving sales

That’s not just us talking about ourselves, either. We were pleased to find FreshAddress at No. 4 on FulcrumTech’s new list, “20 of the Newest, Coolest Email-Marketing Tools for Driving Sales.”

Here’s what FulcrumTech, a leading email marketing service agency, had to say:

“This is one of our favorite tools for building, cleansing, and optimizing email databases. As part of its cleansing tools, FreshAddress has a technology for detecting spam traps.

 “Plus, with the company’s patented Email Change of Address, you can connect your web forms to check and validate new email addresses. Email and Postal Appending, Email Validation, and Email Scoring are among the other services offered by the company. In our experience with list-cleansing tools such as these, you get what you pay for. And FreshAddress is competitive with the best.”

Wow, thanks! We’re blushing!

But we weren’t tickled just to read nice things about FreshAddress’ capabilities. We were pretty impressed to find ourselves side by side with industry power players like PowerInbox, Movable Ink, Litmus, Email on Acid, LiveClicker and eDataSource among many others.

FulcrumTech’s list covers tools for email content and design, data applications and database management, sending emails and assessing your email program performance. We recommend you check it out!

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