Four Billion Email Addresses Processed

I’m pleased to announce another milestone at FreshAddress… we just processed our four BILLIONTH email address!

While the heavy lifting was done by server farms full of computers, all of us here feel a huge sense of pride in this achievement.

And I want to pass on my many thanks to you, our customers, who trusted FreshAddress and our SafeToSend email validation, Email Change of Address and other email database services. It’s your lists of email addresses and API calls that increment our counter day after day.

Four billion is a large number, so to try to understand it, I pulled a few fun facts:

  • Four billion seconds ago was the year 1887
  • Our earth is estimated to be approximately 4.5 billion years old
  • And if you printed out all 4 billion email addresses at 12 point type and strung them together, you could reach around the earth five times.

And of course we keep processing more and more email addresses, so for the up-to-the-minute number, be sure to check out the live counter towards the bottom left of our homepage!


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