Five Songs: One Email Marketer’s Playlist

I spent the better part of the last decade as a singer/songwriter and label honcho with three records and four national tours to my credit. I’ve sung on a GRAMMY®-nominated record (thank you, Delbert McClinton), charted in Europe, and garnered critical praise from such respected media outlets as The Boston Globe, Billboard, and The Nashville Scene.

In addition to creating the music, I also managed day-to-day operations… i.e. the things most artists hate doing, but need to tackle in order to have/be a successful business. There were quite a few tools to keep operations humming, but email was, by far, the key to booking and promo. When I consider what that looked like before web 2.0, I turn a little green thinking about the hours and toil that could have been saved with email hygiene, validation, and appending services.

Although I’m no longer actively touring or pounding the proverbial pavement, I still love music. It’s my go-to when I need an attitude adjustment and it definitely helps me push through the day. Here are five songs that I turn to when I’m whipping up content and need inspiration.

The Avett Brothers
Song: Kick Drum Heart
Album: I and Love and You

If this song doesn’t make you happy or want to dance, you might need some vitamin D.


La Santa Cecelia
Song: El Valor
Album (EP): El Valor

No matter where I live, I am, at heart, an Angeleno. Few things say “home” to me better than La Santa Cecelia. They blend Cumbia, bolero, folk, and bossa nova into an amazing aural tapestry and it’s topped off by Marisoul’s rich, passionate voice.


Vampire Weekend
Song: Oxford Comma (Might be NSFW)
Album: Vampire Weekend

The debate rages on! While the Chicago Manual of Style “strongly” suggests using the Oxford comma, aka the serial comma, AP Stylebook aficionados cringe at the very thought. Our exec team prefers it, which is why you’ll find it peppered throughout our communications at FreshAddress. I’ll let Vampire Weekend speak for me. (P.S. Did I mention I like dark humor?)


Alabama Shakes
Song: Always Alright

Southern groove, fierce vocals, and a front woman who rocks a Gibson guitar? Sign me up! Plus, their performance of this song on SNL is arguably one of THE BEST in the history of the show. This is how live sound is done.


Steve Martin & Edie Brickell
Song: When You Get to Asheville
Album: Love Has Come for You.

He’s a darn fine banjo player and she’s…Edie! They also happen to mention email in the first line. What more could you ask for?

So, tell us… what do you listen to when you need inspiration?



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