Five Billion Email Addresses Processed

5 billion processed for SafeToSend email validation


Our SafeToSend email validation service just
processed its five billionth email address!  WOW!

It’s hard to get your head around a number that big, so we came up with a few ways to visualize it:

  • To the moon: If each email address was a dollar bill, 5 billion would stack up into a pile 340 miles high, nearly 100 miles higher than the International Space Station.
  • Time to shop: If each email address equaled $1, you would have to spend $14 million a day to use up the money in a year.
  • No repeats: If you had 5 billion songs on your phone, you would need 9,512 years to listen to your entire playlist.
  • Lots of email: As big as 5 billion is, it just barely outpaces the number of email inboxes (4.3 billion) and individual email users around the world (2.5 billion), according to 2015 numbers released recently by the Radicati Group, a technology marketing firm.

With email a such powerful marketing and communication vehicle, it’s no wonder that companies keep turning to FreshAddress for expert solutions to grow and manage their email address list.

Bring on the next 5 billion… we’re ready!

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