It’s the age of data automation, and FreshAddress is keeping up with the times! We made a concerted effort this year to integrate more automation to make your life easier, and our new Email Service Provider Connections have done just that. Over the last year, our developers have been hard at work adding and enhancing 6 new ESP integrations that you could be using to make your life easier.

The manual exporting, formatting, importing, reformatting, etc. involved in cleaning your batch lists has become a headache! Make it a thing of the past! Ditch the rake and grab a leaf-blower. Get your time back by automating the manual processes.

Our available ESP Integrations:


Mailchimp: Authenticate your Mailchimp account in the FreshAddress Client Portal, choose which list you would like to clean, and we do the rest! Sit back and relax, your list is in good hands. Your results will be imported in a matter of hours, with an FA result tag and timestamp, enabling you to easily filter and send to your freshly validated, 100% guaranteed deliverable addresses. We’ve already got a growing backlog of enhancements, so stay tuned for even more helpful features!

Salesforce Marketing Cloud: We’re really proud of this one! You don’t even have to leave the Marketing Cloud to use it! Install our app here, log in using your Client Portal username and password, and push/pull lists for easy cleaning. You customize your results file, and control what gets imported back into Salesforce. Full results or just SafeToSend? List or data extension? Everything gets time stamped so you know when you last cleaned, and whether it’s SafeToSend. This connection is also available from your FreshAddress Client Portal, if you prefer.

Oracle/Responsys: Connect your account via the FreshAddress Client Portal, upload your list, and our result codes will be automatically attributed to each contact from your list, making it easy to filter, sort, and use our suggested addresses if desired. Our product team needs some more feedback on this one, so connect your account via the FreshAddress Client Portal and tell us what would make it better! You can check out our  Oracle Marketplace listing here.


SendGrid: Our newest addition, still in Beta, but ready for you to use and help us improve! Connect your account via the FreshAddress Client Portal, and you’ll be pulling in your Sendgrid lists for cleaning in no time!

Marketo: Coming (back) soon! We’re just working out some final issues, I’ll be testing this one personally! Look for it to go live in Q4!

Oracle Bronto: Coming soon! We’re testing now and on the cusp of going live. Connect your account within the FreshAddress Client Portal and you’ll be able to push and pull lists with ease. Results will be imported as new, timestamped, FreshAddress fields for each of your cleaned contacts.


More information on all these integrations is available, just reach out to us and we’ll send along our docs! We’ve started working on some plug-in type integrations as well, so let us know if you’d like to be a Beta tester or contact us to learn more!

No more formatting and reformatting, no more exporting and importing! Take back your time! And if we haven’t integrated with your ESP yet? Have no fear! Our wish list has only grown, and our product road map has tons more planned throughout 2019! But if YOU want to move yours up the list, let us know, we prioritize based on the feedback we hear! Keep an eye out for 2 more integrations going live this quarter, and another pile of them in 2019!

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