Marketers seldom talk about this challenge. The answer is deceptively simple.
Tell them something new.

In other words, change up your messages. Find a more creative way to say, “Buy something.” Offer customers other ways to connect with you besides the checkout page.

This is important because fatigued customers often become inactive subscribers. Skipping one or two emails is normal, but it can become a habit if your message never varies. Further, a break-the-mold message could rejuvenate an inactive customer.

5 Refreshing Post-Holiday Emails

Now that the holiday clamor has receded, some customers are bargain-hunting with a vengeance. Others want to let their plastic cool off for a while.

Your messaging can appeal to both, but your exhausted customers will need a creative nudge to stay engaged until they’re ready to spend again. Here are five ideas:

  • Say “Thanks for your patronage,” even to customers who didn’t open or click during the year.
  • Explain how to redeem gift cards or manage returns and exchanges.
  • Share “how-to” information to help customers use their purchases better and avoid problems or customer support contacts.
  • Send email-exclusive sneak peaks of new merchandise lines.
  • Have some fun! Rocketmiles, a travel loyalty program, invited its customers to trade in one unwanted Christmas gift for 500 bonus loyalty points. The subject line was “Already have a light-up tie? We don’t.” How could you resist?


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