Email unsubscribes are like death & taxes

They’re unavoidable. However, there are steps you can take to improve your situation with both.

Our latest white paper takes an in-depth look at the email unsubscribe process and provides actionable tips you can follow to strengthen your email marketing program today.

It won’t help you fend off mortality or reduce tax liability (you’re own you’re own there), but it will put you in a better position to retain more email subscribers and spend less on email acquisition.

Email Unsubscribe Whitepaper

Download the whitepaper today to learn:

  • Why unsubscribing can be a good thing
  • 2 elements of a solid email unsubscribe strategy
  • 3 tips to get more recipients to unsubscribe rather than going inactive or reporting your messaging as spam.
  • How to lower your email unsubscribe rate in 6 easy steps

Why should you care about your email unsubscribe rate?

1.) There’s a dollar value attached to every email address on your list!

What’s an email subscriber worth to your company? $.50? $5? $50?

Whatever value you assign to each email address on your list, if you’re not doing everything possible to keep subscribers from jumping ship, you’re throwing money away. Why? Because it’s much cheaper to retain a subscriber than it does to acquire one.  

2.) It creates risk if not managed properly

Failure to optimize your email unsubscribe process leads to bad things, including:

  • Higher than necessary spam complaints and inactive subscribers; and
  • Potential legal issues if your practices run afoul of CAN-SPAM and other anti-spam legislation.

When it comes to reducing your email unsubscribe rate, every little bit helps.

Here’s a great example: Company A has one million contacts in its email database and sends 4 email campaigns per week. If its unsubscribe rate drops by only .1%, the company would retain 100,000 contacts every year. That’s a savings of $100,000 annually if it values each email address in its database at just one dollar!

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