Email List Hygiene: How to Clean & Protect Your Email List

Clean & Protect Your Email List in 3 Easy Steps

By Sunil Shinde, Automated Services Support Specialist at FreshAddress Inc

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  • Around 3% of email addresses in your database go bad every 30 days;
  • 25% of your email marketing data will hard bounce over the next 12 months; and
  • 90+% of email deliverability issues stem from hygiene problems with the underlying list.

What can you do?

It’s never been easier and more affordable to clean, correct, and validate the email addresses in your database. Comprehensive email list hygiene offerings like our SafeToSend® service allow you to do so for a penny or less per record.

Want to maximize your deliverability rates and email marketing revenues? Here’s what you need to do to get there:

  1. Clean your existing database to remove bouncing and deliverable but toxic email addresses.
  2. Protect your data entry points. Consider implementing real-time and/or automated batch (i.e. 24x7x365 batch processing) email hygiene, correction, and validation everywhere you collect email addresses. This includes your website, POS system, and web-enabled call centers. This way, you prevent any of this data from making it into your marketing databases.
  3. Constantly monitor your data. Find an automated solution that will watch your database like a hawk for trouble. Email addresses constantly flip from good to bad (And then from bad to seemingly good, which can actually be worse!).

SafeToSend®: Beyond Email ValidationPrint

Available in real-time, automated batch 24x7x365, and regular batch modes, FreshAddress’s SafeToSend® service:

  1. Flags and blocks problematic email addresses. Spamtraps, honeypots, heavy spam complainers, “role” accounts, and other deliverable but toxic email addresses.
  2. Corrects hygiene errors. Syntax, typo, formatting, misspelling, top level domain errors, etc.), and
  3. Validates the deliverability of every email address that survives the first two screens. To do this, we leverage intelligence gathered from:

(a) Our ESP Reporting Network of over one billion deployments (with bounce, deliver, open, click-through, spam complaint, opt-out data);

(b) 24x7x365 MX tracking of more than 30 million domains; and

(c) Archived and real-time SMTP checking of every email address.

“My Email List is Clean, Now What?

Once your database is squeaky clean, keep it that way with our “always on” ListGuard® monitoring service. List Guard® monitors your SafeToSend data 24×7 and provides you a monthly report on the email addresses that turn bad.

Do Your Homework. Don’t Get Hoodwinked

Some email list hygiene companies purport to go beyond email “pinging”. That’s not always the case, so it pays to do your due diligence before moving forward with any provider. Anybody can put together slick marketing collateral and web pages covering everything’s that written above. Performing these services accurately, however, is much more difficult. That requires experience, expertise, technology, and patents that are much harder to develop.

Clean Email List Whitepaper

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