What’s New with Email Deliverability and Security? 

Keeping up with changes in email is challenging, but a new report from Litmus, an email creation, testing and analytics platform, will fill you in quickly. Among other findings, their “2016 State of Email Report covers two key developments in email deliverability:

1.) Clicks don’t directly affect ISP deliverability.

This news upended conventional email wisdom that lack of engagement – no opens or clicks – gets emails blocked or routed to the spam folder.

But, keep tracking clicks, and match against email deliverability. ISPs use complicated algorithms with hundreds of factors to make filtering decisions. Marketers can see a few of these, such as clicking the “Report Spam” or unsubscribe buttons, but not much more.

Clicks can stand in for subscriber actions you don’t see, like moving email from the junk folder to the inbox or adding your sending address to safe-sender lists.

Falling click rates often correspond with falling email deliverability. So, do everything you can to keep subscribers opening and clicking:

  • Send only permission-based email.
  • Use segmentation for more relevant content.
  • Keep your database fresh with regular list hygiene and updated email addresses.

2.) Gmail adds postmaster tools.

Gmail accounts for 15 percent of all email opens, second only to Apple’s iOS/iPhone app (33 percent), Litmus says. So, it was a big deal last year when Gmail added tools to help high-volume senders analyze their email performance.

Set up access to Gmail Postmaster Tools ASAP. You’ll be able to analyze performance in seven dashboards measuring these key indicators:

  • Spam rate
  • Domain reputation
  • IP reputation
  • Feedback loop (set up the Gmail Spam Feedback Loop first)
  • Authentication
  • Encryption (a key factor now that Gmail flags unauthenticated emails in the inbox)
  • Delivery errors

Check out Gmail’s guide and detailed instructions here.

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