The wait is finally over! The NFL season is under way and our beloved New England Patriots are off to a 5-1 start despite facing more hurdles than an Olympic steeplechase participant. In honor of their triumphant start, let’s take a look at some of the coolest NFL-related emails we’ve seen recently at Email Creative Archive:

1. Most Original: Vineyard Vines:

Subject Line: “Football season is back, and so is our NFL gear!”

Vineyard Vines NFL Email

For the folks that can’t wear their favorite player’s jersey to work every day, Vineyard vines comes out of the huddle with a genius trick play: the team logo tie. This email does a great job of showcasing Vineyard’s NFL collection and playing up the hype of the new season, all while staying on brand and not diverting from their normal design aesthetic.

2. Most Likely to Convert: DIRECTV

Subject Line: “Watch your live NFL game ANYWHERE with the device of your choice!”


I’ll admit, I’m a little biased here. As a die-hard fan who’s lived thousands of miles away from his home market, I can attest to the clutch-ness of the DirecTV Sunday Ticket. Total lifesaver. There’s not much playing around with this email, they get right to the point: “We have all the games you want. This is the only place to get them and it’s not too expensive. Check out our deals and order now.”

This isn’t a hard sell for many fans. You can have every game at your fingertips for a fraction of the cost of going out to watch them. “Best Deal Ever”? For the hard core NFL fan who doesn’t want to forgo the comfort of their own living room on Sundays, possibly.

3. Most Enticing Imagery – LIDS

Subject Line: Introducing the 2016 NFL Color Rush Collection


Great snacks and refreshments, fellow fans, and your favorite player’s jersey. The holy trinity of Sundays during NFL season.

I’ve had my lucky Tom Brady Jersey for over a decade and if wearing it didn’t dictate the outcome of the game in our favor, this email from LIDS would entice me to buy a new one. Their email caught my attention with a snazzy GIF that provides a little variety for those who root for teams other than New England (It’s OK to be wrong sometimes).

Have you seen any Football-related emails that caught your attention and made you want to take part in the action? Share them with us on Twitter @freshaddress or email us at

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