FreshAddress Launches Free Email Creative Archive

Are you an email geek who needs to make your company’s email designs and copy stand out from the crowd?

If so, our new free tool – Email Creative Archive – was made just for you!

Email Creative Archive

Email Creative Archive puts millions of emails at your fingertips to give you ideas for welcome, holiday, summer sale, back to school emails, and more. It’s like brainstorming with the top creative minds from more than 9,000 companies!

Let’s take a look at how Email Creative could be useful to you:

1.) Creative Teams: Pressed for a new approach, or confounded with the dreaded creative block? Tap into Email Creative Archive for inspiration! Looking to update your holiday mailings? Filter the collection by date range to see what others in your industry are doing.

2.) Marketers: Trying to figure out how to incorporate that Facebook “like” button? Wondering what subject lines might get a better response? Filter the collection by industry or subject line and check out competitor emails

3.) Retailers: What are competitors doing in the waning hours of the holiday season? You’ve figured it out by now – filter the collection by company and a holiday date range.

Solving Big Problems for Email Marketers

Email marketing campaigns are hidden behind a subscription wall and stuck in the inbox. There’s no way to look at the history and no way to find campaigns except to search for campaigns you’ve subscribed to by date or sender.

For most people, this isn’t a issue, but for email marketers, it’s a huge problem. Email Creative Archive is a giant database of email marketing campaigns that solves this problem. Users can search the database on a number of elements including sending company, industry, content, or even color. Rather than just static screenshots, each creative is interactive, viewable with and without images, and includes full HTML source code (mobile and regular versions).

Email Creative Archive allows email marketers to:

  • Search over 1,000,000 email messages from more than 9,000 brands dating back to 2009.
  • Easily research competitors
  • Fight designers’ block
  • Analyze email marketing trends
  • Assess best practices for copy, creative, and subject lines
  • Access full HTML source code (mobile and regular versions) for all email messages
  • Protect your brand reputation by monitoring what clients, partners and others are saying about your company.

The best part about it is that it’s always 100% FREE! What are you waiting for? Try it out today.

Sign Up for Email Creative Archive

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