Email Creative Archive: Answers to Your 6 Most Commonly Asked Questions

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As many of you know, we recently launched Email Creative Archive, a free tools that helps marketers create great campaign emails. The Email Creative Archive gives marketers the ability to search and review more than 1 million campaign emails from over 9,000 brands.  It’s a great tool for finding inspiration, seeing how others have used design elements, and staying up to speed on what competitors are doing.

Let’s take a look at 6 of the most commonly asked questions from new users:

 1.) Where does Email Creative Archive’s data come from?

Email Creative Archive’s index of marketing emails is sourced from seed-based email signups to tens of thousands of brands’ e-newsletters and promotional lists.

2.) How can I use Email Creative Archive for competitive email research?

You can use Email Creative Archive to track competitors’ subject lines, ESPs, # of sends, send times, and email creative.

3.) How can I use Email Creative Archive for HTML email design?

Email Creative Archive provides HTML source code for all emails by simply clicking “View Source.” You can gain competitive insights on the latest in HTML email code, like using GIFs, mobile-friendly calls to action, and more.

4.) How can I use Email Creative Archive for email design inspiration?

You can search Email Creative Archive’s database of email campaigns by color, keyword (including seasons, holidays, etc.), company, industry, and more to find inspiration to design your next email campaign.

5.) How can I use Email Creative Archive to search by subject line?

Just enter the term you are looking for in the “subject line” field to find emails with certain subject lines. Try “welcome back,” “happy holidays,” “winter,” or any other phrases you would like to find!

6.) Does Email Creative Archive provide images of email campaigns or full, interactive HTML source code?

Email Creative Archive provides full, interactive HTML source code for all emails. They are all fully clickable, and by clicking “View Source” you are able to see the code behind the design! You cab also view all emails as they appear on a 320×480 mobile screen to ensure that they are mobile optimized.

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