DMA 2010: Things Are Looking Up!


If you were like many email marketers, you spent most of Columbus Day weekend and beyond at the DMA Annual Conference in San Francisco. FreshAddress has been exhibiting at this event since 2001 and the overall consensus from our team was that this was the best show in recent memory. Here are some reasons why:

Customer & Prospect Engagement – We were pleased to see a lot of strong Fortune 1000 clients and Director/VP level decision makers in attendance as well as many of our current clients who are either West Coast based or felt the show was important enough to warrant a trip. As the old saying goes “It’s always great to be able to put a face to a name!”

Email Continues to Grow – During the past year, several media outlets have raised the question “Is Email Dead?” While there was a tremendous amount of buzz at the show about Social Media, SMS, Mobile Integration and how to monetize these, it was clear that these “newer” technologies are dependent on email and the need for a clean, accurate email database is as strong as ever.

SBLI Wins Twice – We are pleased to report that our client SBLI was recognized at the Insurance and Financial Services Council Awards:

  • Rose Cahill, Vice President/Director of Marketing at the Savings Bank Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts,was presented with the 2010 DMA Insurance Direct Marketer of the Year Award
  • The Savings Bank Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts received the 2010 DMA Insurance Company of the Year Award

Market Response to Our Services – As always, the show proved to be an excellent opportunity for our account management team to educate the “un-email initiated” about Email Change of Address, email appending, email hygiene and deliverability and Real-time Email Address Correction and how these services can help you leverage your communications and maximize your ROI.

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