How good is the data in your email database? Can you vouch for each and every record… that the information is correct and up to date? That it was obtained legally, with full permission, and belongs to a human who really wants to receive your emails?

In recent years, some well-respected brands have had egg on their faces because they repeatedly sent messages to addresses that they shouldn’t have. Luckily, you can learn from their missteps. Our new white paper, “Growing Your Email List While Keeping It Clean: It’s All About Data Quality,” explains what likely went wrong and how you can avoid becoming a data disaster while achieving the list growth your email program needs to thrive.

Here’s a snapshot from this entertaining and educational paper written by email expert, Ken Magill:

  • The older your database, the more likely it is that a significant block of email addresses shouldn’t be there. They may be out of date, inactive, or added through dubious means.
  • Misspellings, whether accidental or deliberate, can also trip you up, especially if you collect email addresses at point of sale.
  • Permission standards and laws have changed drastically since email marketing first took off. Do you know how persnickety your predecessors were about list rental and best practices?

Besides these insights, Ken explains technical terms in plain language (e.g., “honey pots”) to help you have more productive conversations with your IT or database managers.

Solving One Problem without Creating Others

Maintaining a strict standard for adding email addresses is one solution for ensuring new records are accurate, but it doesn’t address the quality, or lack of it, in older records. Even worse, it can choke list growth. As an email marketer, you know that having a steady supply of fresh addresses is key to a healthy email program.

Your challenge, then, is two-fold: keep list data quality high while maintaining a steady source of fresh email addresses to fuel continuous list growth.

By the end of your next coffee break, learn how Ken builds the case for using technology to validate email addresses, verify the activity status of an address, and find the sweet spot between list growth and maximum data quality.

Download the white paper today. Questions or comments for Ken or FreshAddress? Share them in the comment space below!

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