Before You Send — REACT!

The tech team at FreshAddress has been busy fine-tuning our services to provide our customers with the most accurate email technology available. Recently, FreshAddress was honored to receive the DMA Future Innovators Award, which recognizes innovative advances made in the field of marketing. The DMA presented its award to FreshAddress, Inc. for our development of Real-time Email Address Correction Technology (REACT), which represents a leap beyond our existing Real-time Email Validation service.

REACT is a “spell-check” system that can catch and correct invalid and problematic entries in real-time at the point of registration on your website — before they even enter your database. Based on an analysis of over one billion email addresses, the system examines the email domain, recognizes common key stroking errors, missed letters, duplicated letters, etc., and can literally undo a typo. The service can be provided on a customer website or web-enabled point-of-sale or call center system as well as through our batch email list hygiene services.

“With an error rate ranging from 2% to 20% for email address registrations, the opportunity cost of not correcting these can be millions of dollars for retailers, marketers, and non-profits,” stated Austin Bliss, President of FreshAddress.

REACT’s Benefits for you:

  • Maximize your email deliverability and response rates
  • Reconnect with lost customers
  • Reduce marketing costs associated with bouncing and blocked emails
  • Avoid being blacklisted by ISPs by:
    • Minimizing the number of email bounces and email blocks
    • Decreasing your spam complaint rate
    • Removing some spamtrap and honeypot addresses
  • Avoid paying for leads with invalid email addresses

How does it work?

Setting up FreshAddress’s REACT on your site is easy. Your tech team simply tweaks the code on the website page where you collect email addresses.

When you activate REACT, here’s how it works:

  1. A customer or prospect types in their email address on the registration page of your website
  2. In milliseconds, we cross-reference the entered email address with required RFC codes, our internal database of tens of thousands of common typos, syntax errors, formatting problems, and dead domains, and our databases of suspect and malicious addresses
    1. If the email is good, it is automatically accepted
    2. If the email is problematic, an error message appears to the user.
    3. If there’s a hygiene error (misspelling, syntax problem, formatting error, etc), a suggested correction is presented to the user.

What can REACT do for your business?

Contact your FreshAddress Account Executive to find out!.

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